FLGZ. is a premier international flag football event organizer. Through our events we aim to help grow the level and popularity of flag football in Netherlands/ Europe. Play with FLGZ.

We create spotlights

We organize premier flag football events and leagues to help further grow the popularity and level of flag football in Europe.


FLGZ. strives to provide an equal playing field for everybody. Regardless of one’s culture, religious believes, nation of origin, gender sexuality, or whatever. Everybody is welcome at King Bowl. The tournament is open to newcomers and top teams alike.

This provides less experienced teams with an opportunity to, for instance, play against a national champion from a different country. For many teams this is a very inspirational/ and memorable match against a team which they would otherwise never face. After the group stage the teams are divided into separate tiers based on their ranking in the group. From that point on every game is competitive as they will face similar strength opponents.


What matters most on the pitch is the comradery within a team, the bond created by wearing the same jersey. This helps create strong bonds across social economic boundaries, nationalities, gender, race and more.

We pride ourselves in being able to seamlessly bring together people from many different nations and backgrounds at King Bowl. The tournament’s open and friendly setup enables and encourages social interaction. Seeing new teams, meeting new people and making new friends.


We believe the women’s game in Europe is still underrepresented in relation to the men’s game. In order to play the game, many women have to play as part of a men’s team. We want to empower them by giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents and compete in their own King Bowl competition. It is our ambition to provide the best event for women’s teams in Europe to help further grow the women’s game in numbers and playing level.


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